Monday, 21 January 2013

Winter warmers,

So given England's sudden Baltic conditions and the freak snow storm we've had this past weekend, I've discovered that I have few - if not zero - 'snow appropriate' clothes. I am literally so unprepared for the winter months that it is unreal.
I've come to realise that 'snow appropriate' shoes are boots (of which I only have one pair and they don't really go with anything at all) or wellies (which I stupidly left in Southport when I came back to London) so I've been hanging out making snow angels and having ridiculous snowball fights with the whole of my uni campus in converse and let me tell you that is not a fun experience. It's very cold, very wet and it makes you feel a little like you're dying inside.

Because of this I've taken it upon myself to set out in search of a good winter coat and other cosy winter warmers which are just generally essentials in these snowy eskimo conditions...
Parka - Asos // Bag - Topshop // Polkadot Onesie - Jack Wills // Striped Onesie - Next // Beanie - River Island // Parka - Miss Selfridge

There is absolutely nothing I love more right now than a Parka coat, I'm saving all I can to buy one because they just look like the cosiest things in all the world to me right now, I literally cannot imagine walking to lectures in my thin coat that I've got at the moment. A Parka is a must! As for onesies well they basically rule the world right now - I already have two, a few more couldn't hurt! 

How have you been coping with the icy conditions, love it or hate it? Any winter warmers you couldn't live without? 



  1. I could do with that parka coat! x

    1. I could do with any parka, I love them! x

  2. That parka is lovely, and essential in this snowy weather! Excellent picks