Thursday, 17 January 2013

My dream bedroom,

It's about that time of my university life where me and my 4 closest friends in London are on the hunt for our own house to live in for the next 2 years (scary I know since I'm only just half way through my first year of my degree). Anyway, as much as I love London and I love living here, the area I live in is well lets say - not the nicest.
With our student budgets all we can afford are houses to rent on the estates near to our campus, which we don't mind however they're not the white picket polly pocket type houses that you dream of living in when you're a little girl. It's because of this not so attractive outside that we're all determined to make the inside of our first house together as homely and attractive as possible by putting our own personal stamps on it.
Here's my ideal bedroom wishlist, hopefully i'll be able to afford some if not all of these things or similar to make my new bedroom feel like home and not just another dingy room in a house on that creepy estate.

The links to all these items can be found in the text below

The bedding is of course Cath Kidston - which is basically what I have at the moment anyway - the wardrobe and dresser both come from Next, I absolutely adore the vintage look they both have, and the fact they are both in 'ivory' rather than plain white is even more wonderful to me. The bunting also comes from Next and I feel it would go excellently up on a plain wall which would otherwise be pretty bare, on another wall I'd have the 'Happy Sayings' wall hanging (also from Next) as I feel it would be the perfect thing to wake up to on a dreary London morning when I have to trudge my way through the cold to a 9am lecture. The wall of photographs is my own, the exact one that is currently on the wall above my bed in my university room. I think any bedroom needs this personal touch, be it in frames or just stuck up on the wall like mine - it just makes it more 'you'

What's your bedroom necessity? Have you recently moved into your own place for the first time? Tell me anything and everything, I feel like I've not heard from you all in years!



  1. Love it! You have such lovely taste x

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  3. Love the post, just to ask how do you make a collage like that? x