Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Accessorising Accessories,

Christmas was only a few weeks ago and I could quite happily spend a good few posts blogging about the different things I received from various family members and close friends, but alas I will not. Instead I'm planning on focusing on one gift - my favorite of all - and that is the bracelet I was given by my older sister Victoria.

Now usually I'm not one to wear bracelets on a day to day basis and I tend to stick to only blinging up my wrists on nights out but when I opened the tiny little package this one came in I knew then and there that this piece of jewelry was going to be one that I very rarely take off - and so far I've been right.
The bracelet itself is a rather simple daisy chain bracelet by Cath Kidston, and although it is not as elaborate as say a Pandora bracelet full of charms I am completely in love with it and the way the jewels glint, occasionally with a green tint.
The cutest bracelet known to man

So since I was given this piece I've not once had it off my wrist and I don't plan on removing it any time soon, instead i've been planning entire outfits around it. This is a quick wishlist I've put together - I absolutely adore the dress from Republic and I'm hoping to buy it asap, the boots are also something I'd seriously consider killing for and of course my trusty satchel had to make an appearance.

Is there any piece of jewelry you couldn't live without, something sentimental perhaps? For me it is my Pandora ring (also a gift from my sister) and now my new baby the CK bracelet.


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  1. oh this outfit is like something out of my dreams! i love it! from head to toe. what a great choice of bracelet too! xx