Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Back to the land of the living,

So I may or may not have posted on this blog in 90 days but hopefully all that is about to change as I've now got more spare time and nothing other than blogging to fill it with.
Let me start my return with a quick catch up of what I've been up to since October (wow I really have been gone a long time)...
Well there was Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year and last years was even better than any other I've ever experienced, seriously Halloween at university will change your life - enough said. Then there were a good few weeks where very little happened before I left London and headed North again to spend Christmas and New Years with my family. Both of which were good and bad at the same time if that's possible...

Anyway, this is a new year 2013 (I'm still not used to writing it down) and I intend on being more up to date and generally a better blogger.
But the proper posting of fashion etc. will have to wait until tomorrow because I'm currently in the process of applying for a job at Cath Kidston - only my favorite store in the entire world - so wish me luck and I'll see all you lovely people asap.

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