Thursday, 20 September 2012

Formal attire,

One thing I think everyone needs to know about uni before they arrive is what clothes you should really take, there's a couple of categories I can group them into: Comfy, clubbing and 'formal'. Realisticaly all you're going to need really are comfy clothes and ones you feel comfortable going out dancing/drinking in because the number of formal events each term are very few, however they do come along once in a while.

Take today for example, our entire university headed off to Kempton races for the afternoon and we were expected to 'dress to impress' now before I'd come to uni I was completely unaware that any formal events such as this would be taking place - as were basically all my flat mates - so we weren't really sure what exactly we should be wearing.

Here are a few dresses i've had my eye on for a while that would have been perfect today at the races where  the general trend was, simple dress paired with a statement blazer/jacket and a pair of plain heels.

& here are a couple of photos from our day at the races


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