Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello uni,

So I'm officially moved in, finally living in London and so far completely loving it! The weather is so unbelievably brilliant, I'm definitely not used to this kind of heat in September in the North West - there are actually girls walking round in nothing but shorts and vest September! Madness I know!

Since I only moved in yesterday I'm still not completely unpacked and I've not got my bearings at all (I was late for my first departmental meeting this morning oops!) however I'm sure i'll figure it all out eventually. The first night was utter madness, I live in a flat with 9 other people (6 girls and 3 boys) and so far we're all getting on really well. We had a few predrinks then headed out to the bar to meet everyone else, got pretty bored of that eventually though and instead invited everyone - and i literally mean everyone - that was in the bar back to our flat and had the best house party I've ever been too seriously it was mad. One of the guys in our flat even managed to get the professional DJ from the bar to pack up and come DJ our house party instead. Needless to say so far I'm really enjoying myself.

I miss everyone at home like crazy but I've spoken to all the important people more than enough to stop me feeling homesick. I've also realised that some people who I thought cared about me actually clearly do not as they've barely spoken to me at all. Interesting.

Anyway, we're all off for a family trip to Asda so that we'll actually be able to feed ourselves, its going to be exciting! My posts will be a little irregular for a while until I'm completely settled in but I'll be back on form asap with my student budget fashion ideas etc. etc. etc.



  1. Good luck, just going into second year at uni and first year was completely amazing, you're going to love it so much!

  2. haha! that sounds amazzzzing gingernut! good luck! :)