Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My obsession,

This post was inspired by the wonderful Abbi's post about her Cath Kidston collection.
Now I've long been a fan of Cath Kidston and so I decided to make my own collection post - regrettably, once I decided on this post I realised that the majority of the Cath Kidston things I own are still at my home in Southport as it was pretty much impossible to bring it all to university with me, instead I simply bought a few notebooks/journals and brought those with me instead as well as my trusty bag!

Top row - Left: 3 small notepads Middle: Wash bag Right: Address book
Bottom row - Left: Pad of post its, journal and notepad Middle: Small mirror and a ticket holder (for my oyster card)

My prized possession.

I cannot explain just how upset I am that I forgot my favorite mug! I'll definitely be bringing that back with me after visiting home, along with a few of my other fave items. 

Have you got any obsessions/collections? Big or small let me know! 



  1. so jealous of the bag! definitely need to start my notebooks/journals collection sooon! x

    1. I've got 2 of the bags and I love them both equally, I'm thinking of switching up which one I have at uni... or might just bring the other one back with me next time and have them both haha!
      The journals are so cute so I'd definitely recommend them! xo