Friday, 28 September 2012

£50 Boohoo Fashion Voucher blogger challenge,

Fashion Vouchers has come up with an exciting competition directed towards the avid fashion blogger with a keen eye for saving money and that competition is the £50 Boohoo challenge.
The competition states that an entire outfit must be created by surfing the Boohoo website, picking and choosing elements of the outfit as you go. However the catch is that the outfit you create cannot exceed a price of £50 - this is without the use of student discounts etc.
I personally thing this is a fantastic idea for a competition as it really brings out the saver in all of us.

Admittedly I've never actually been onto the Boohoo website before, let alone bought anything from there so I found it good fun searching through the clothes and picking out my outfit for £50.
In the end I chose the above items which in total added up to the exact amount of money I was allowed. I absolutely love the blouse, I'm really into these at the moment and I love the two tone colours of it, the skater skirt is also a staple item of any girls wardrobe and I feel it would go beautifully with the blouse (with perhaps a thin belt?) both the brogues and the clutch bag are both reasonably basic items that could go with pretty much anything and everything which is mostly why I chose them - as if I bought this outfit I'd be able to wear/use those things with other outfits rather than just this one.
I'd feel comfortable wearing this outfit out in the evening, perhaps to a nice meal when dressed up with accessories - which sadly I couldn't accommodate into my £50 budget - and heels or with the brogues in the day time, along with an oversize studded hand bag rather than the clutch.

Overall this competition has been a voyage of discovery for me as I would never have ventured onto the Boohoo website were it not for this reason, and now unfortunately for my student loan I don't seem to be able to click off of it.

Anyway, sorry about spamming you all with two posts today, but I really wanted to give this competition a go and I think that you all should too - the prize is a £50 voucher to spend on so why not! It's totally worth a shot!

P.s - Entries are allowed up until the 30th September so get a move on! 


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