Sunday, 30 September 2012


I'm becoming increasingly aware of the fact that I'm yet to show my face on this blog and I feel like I'm not a very good blogger because of it. I started out on this blog with every intention of posting ootd's and other such things, all involving photographs of myself.

However i've now come to realise that I don't particularly like taking photographs of myself, and I'm never happy enough with how they come out to put them on here - believe me I've tried numerous times.

I'm getting there though.
Hey blogger here I am

If you hadn't noticed I'm procrastinating massively and cannot for the life of me come up with any ideas of posts with any substance, does anyone have any ideas on what I should post?


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  1. I absolutely hate taking pictures of myself... Not a natural poser at all haha but one day I just went for it because I like the whole outfit post thing. I find it so much easier if I'm out and about and can have a nice background of wherever I've ventured to that day- I feel like it takes some of the focus off me and I relax a bit more! Taking pictures in my room makes me feel incredibly awkward and I'm never happy with the results!
    Kaz x