Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Camo,

Now, I know that the 'camo' jacket has been massive this past summer/month and without sounding like I'm jumping on the bandwagon too much I completely love it. Not just the style of jacket, but the colour - khaki green is like my perfect colour, going just about perfectly with my skin tone and hair colour so you can see how I'd be thrilled at this sudden influx of army inspired clothing. However my bank balance and the whole saving for uni thing has not yet allowed me to hop onto this bandwagon and cruise out of the station just yet, but I am definitely going to invest in a camo jacket asap, possibly one of these which are all around the region of £48 (pricey but hopefully worth it)

What are your thoughts on this sudden trend of army inspired clothing? Love it or loathe it?


  1. You can get cheaper camo jackets in charity shops or vintage shops! :)
    I got my camo jacket for £2 at a car boot, also they're very very cheap on ebay as well :)

    1. oh really? I'll have a look around then! hopefully there'll be a few bargains to be had in the charity shops in london, i'm pretty excited to roam around there and see what there is xo